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just for fun

One of my favourite hobbies is using graphic design for my own personal interests. Between mucking around in Photoshop or creating projects in Illustrator, here's a small collection of projects I've created just for the fun of it.


2 years later...

This is a project I worked on in March of 2019, which was completed and posted on Twitter at the NHL's Trade Deadline. The image went viral pretty quickly, garnering over 3700 likes, 1600 retweets, and a fair amount of media coverage.


Brady Tkachuk's Home Alone

The Sens dealt Mark Stone to the Golden Knights, and Brady Tkachuk was left without a landlord. Here's a slideshow of what went down.

Bourbon Street poker chips

I designed a set of poker chips to play in my friendly home game. Selected fonts which would be easy to read on a one-inch surface, selected colours that perfectly matched the chips, and designed a simple but elegant chip design that looked nice, but worked on a very small surface.

Kevin Pillar as Capt. America

I won a pair of signed, game-worn cleats from Kevin Pillar after he asked his Twitter followers for their best Kevin Pillar Photoshop job. Was glad to win the shoes, not crazy about the $88 C.O.D charge when they arrived, but it's a fun story to tell.

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