Below are some slide shows of the various packaging projects I've worked on. All products are sold in Giant Tiger stores. These include boxes, hang tags, header cards, blister packages, and PDQs (Display cases).

foam power blaster

Here's a package I created for a foam power blaster. The dieline (trim outline) for the box was submitted, along with text, photography of the toy and the model. I was directed to use what was submitted to create a fun and exciting layout. I chose fonts that worked well with the product, colours that matched up nicely, and created an easy-to-read layout despite a large amount of submitted text.

modelling dough

Here's a few examples of packaging I created for modelling dough. Photography of the dough models were submitted. I created a fun, light layout for several different types of packaging, including: A box of 10 colours, a bag of 15 small cans, and a PDQ (display case) for holding individual cans. The label for each individual can was created my me as well.

miscellaneous items

Here are several examples of packaging for different items sold at Giant Tiger. Included here are curtain panels, shower curtains, a spin mop, freezer bags, and some toys.

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